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Нам приходится брать деньги за то, что мы и так с удовольствием делаем...
Нам приходится делать это даже когда очень противно...
Почти все стараются не заплатить...
Все нас матерят...
Нас презирают как верхи, так и низы...
И зачем я стал программистом...... Далее
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Резюме Тамара Змиевская

Специальность (должность): UI Designer Trainee
Тип работы, график: постоянная, полный день
Текст  резюме: We're looking for junior UI designers for an internship in DataArt’s trainee program. Its aim is to bring designers to a level that will allow them to take part in IT projects.
You will solve tasks from real projects under the guidance of an experienced curator. If at the end of the test period the trainees reach the proper professional level, then they receive “Junior” status and continue to work in DataArt full time.
We’ll be waiting for your CVs. Don’t forget to send us examples of your work.
Required Skills and Experience
Technical background and analytical mindset.
The ability to understand a problem and develop a solution for it.
Knowledge of the mobile platforms UI guidelines.
Skills in working with vector and raster graphics in Adobe Creative Cloud.
Knowledge of modern design trends.
Good spoken English.
Additional Competences
Knowledge of HTML, CSS.
Skills in animating interfaces.
Skills in creating wireframes and prototypes.
Drawing / drafting / sketching skills.
DataArt offers:
• Professional Development:
— Experienced colleagues who are ready to share knowledge
— The ability to switch projects, technology stacks, try yourself in different roles
— More than 150 workplaces for advanced training
— Study and practice of English: courses and communication with colleagues and clients from different countries
— Support of speakers who make presentations at conferences and meetings of technology communities.
• The ability to focus on your work: a lack of bureaucracy and micromanagement, and convenient corporate services
• Friendly atmosphere, concern for the comfort of specialists
• Flexible schedule (there are core mandatory hours), the ability to work remotely upon agreement with colleagues
• The ability to work in any of our development centers.
Имя: Тамара Змиевская
Регион: Харьков
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Дата публикации: 3 апреля 2018 г. 14:24
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