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Вакансия Tester

Специальность (должность): Tester
Минимальная зарплата: 3000 у.е. в месяц
Тип работы, график: постоянная, полный день
Информация о вакансии: If you want to take the next step in your career and life you want to fill it with both more responsibilities and freedom to expand your knowledge but also to feel accomplished, then you should consider working with us. As a part of the team you will work in a non-hierarchical organisation where you will be required to be an axis to be counted on. You will therefore mainly control and be in control through your peers decision making processes are fast and lean, and the team works as a chain to solve all issues.

Job description
We are looking for a tester to support the test lead for customer club. We need a technical tester who used to manage some of the test lead responsibilities as well if necessary. As a tester for customer club, you are together with the test lead responsible for securing the quality of the end to end users scenarios. You will collaborate with other Test Leads and testers throughout the company working with different systems in a complex integrated solution. We are looking specifically for someone with experience of similar roles in situations where the type of delivery is characterised by a high degree of integrations between systems, including end-to-end testing, and managed services. Experience in test automation is a plus as some of the regression testing is planned to become automated.

Broad understanding of systems development
Broad understanding of systems integration
Fluent n English written and spoken
Good to have all of them are not required
Swedish Language
Desirable background
Experience from integrated solutions
Experience from end-to-end and integrations testing
Experience from SoapUI or similar tools
Experience of test automation with Selenium

Workplace - Stockholm
Требования: Образование: высшее. Опыт работы: 1 год.
Кадровое агентство:
«Эксперт-Плюс» Отзывы о компаниях
Лицо для контакта: Плотникова Татьяна
Регион: Харьков (Возможен переезд из другого города)
Телефон: (057) 719-40-84, 704-03-60, 8-063-590-79-69
E-mail: job@expert-plus.com.ua
Адрес сайта: www.expert-plus.com.ua
Дата публикации: 20 января 2017 г. 14:20
Вакансия размещена в разделах:
Код вакансии: 112347
По вопросам размещения информации на сайте обращайтесь:
(057) 758-66-36, E-mail

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